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Borderlands 3

Gorgeous. One of the best cover art IMO

Release date: September 13, 2019

Developer: Gearbox Software

Platform: PS4, XBOXone, PC, Google Stadia

Genre: Action, FPS, Looter Shooter

Prequels: Borderlands 2

Sequels: None

My First Playthrough

Clear time: 41 hours (70% completion)

Difficulty: Normal

Character: Amara (Siren)

Menu (Japanese)

Here are some features that I found interesting and enjoyed

1. Art style

Has a comic-like style which helps the game to be realistic but at the same time not making the game look serious(kinda)

2. Humor

Friend or foe, whoever(or whatever it is), the developer mixed in humor to dialogues, and they did an AWESOME job. I think they did a better job at bringing humor to the next level compared to the prequel.


Anyone who's been keeping up with the latest news surrounding Borderlands 3 is aware of the vast amount of guns that will be introduced in-game. Not to mention the number count, which is 1 billion. And a new weapon manufacturer is introduced(Children of the Vault: COV) which produces weapons where reloading is needless but heats up if used consecutively for a period of time.

4. UI/UX

The UI is made for the players to have a great experience(user experience). For example, one of the features is showing a newly found map in gray and highlighting discovered parts in blue to show where the player has been to already. This some what helps the player because the maps in Borderlands 3 is wider compared to the prequel.

5. Story

Obviously, I mainly looked forward to the game because of the story. People who played Borderlands 2 till the end knows that Pandora is not the only planet with the Vault. Since Pandora is the only planet we knew so far in the series(and Elpis(the moon)), I was glad, Borderlands 3 introduced other planets in the galaxy. I enjoyed the main story from the start and enjoyed the ending as well.

Game play

Character HUD

Borderlands 3 HUD went through some changes while still keeping the main structure of the previous games. By taking away the Badass Rank, the game implemented a new feature called Guardian Token, which is the pink meter located above the XP meter.

Vault Entrance

At last, we're finally able to go inside the vault.

Inside the Vault. Really like the design

Eridian encryption

By encrypting the ancient eridian language, we're able to unravel the history of The Destroyer, the Vault, Pandora, etc...

Log left by Typhon de Leon, the first Vault Hunter

The commentaries as well have humor in it. Even though there are a lot of dialog in the game, it never bored me from hearing them. I'm glad the developers spent there time to explain about the vault and its origin.