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PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

On August 9th, Sony announced that they will release a new limited PS4 Pro Edition called "Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition". There have been limited editions of playstation consoles in the past , but I know that this edition is special compared to the ones that Sony have created before. Since the launch of playstation 1 in December of 1994, the Playstation console were sold over a total of 500 million units. To commemorate this milestone, a special reveal was made worldwide by none other than the creator of Playstation, Sony. And I think they did a great job into making this a big thing. First of all, the console comes with an embedded bronze plate that engraves a serial number between 1 and 50,000. The indicates that there are only 50,000 of these in the world, and the serial number makes it the one and only. Not to mention the design is amazing. It looks sort of a transparent/translucent dark blue console design. From the description that Sony revealed, components of the PS4 can be seen through the shell, and parts around the power light up when power is turned on. Not only did Sony did away with the console itself, but also the controller and the Mono headset comes with the same translucent dark blue design(the headset is sold separately, I think). Overall, the normal original PS4 had its classy taste, but this edition took it to a whole new level.

PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

The shell of the console is a translucent dark blue which allows you to see some of the compartments of the PS4

This edition comes with a bronze plate with a serial number(1~ 50,000) engraved(cool, huh!)

Since there are only 50,000 available in the whole world, it was mere luck that I was able to preorder one for myself. I noticed the announcement 3 hours after and I knew that online shopping websites have gone completely sold by then. But I noticed that Sony's online store didn't start their preorder. And it so happens that I was checking out their website when I got a tweet saying that Sony has started their preorder(LOL). I wanted to buy the Kingdom Hearts PS4 Pro Limited Edition, but I thought, "Hey, if I can be one of the 50,000 people who owns the 500 Million Edition which also has a serial number engraved, then I'll buy it." Besides, I've been trying to get the KH edition for like 3 months, didn't have any luck at that one. Honestly both versions are cool, and I'm a huge KH fan so I was excited about it too.

PS4 Pro KH3 Edition

The 500 Million Limited Edition costs around $540 or ¥54,000, I don't know the exact currency. But I believe it was definitely worth it, considering that you'll be able to brag it to your friends. It's released on August 24th in Japan, and I'm really looking forward to playing games on it.