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Road to Becoming a Streamer


Gaming has always been my thing. And I like to watch other people play video games, just as much as I like to play them. I’ve always dreamed of making gaming videos and maybe post them on YouTube or other social medias, streaming if possible. But then again, what technologies do I need to post footage to YouTube. Here are some of the list that came up in my mind.

・A Software that allows me to capture gameplay

・A (fairly good) DESKTOP computer to output the gameplay footage and save it. Plus, using it to stream on streaming services like Twitch or Youtube gaming

・A mic (headphone) for making commentary videos

・A HDD or SSD to save and store all the long videos that takes up hundreds of Gigabytes

・An editing software for videos to upload decent videos to medias like YouTube

It might not look like that much but buying all these instruments wouldn’t be cheap. What do I have or what did I buy, you ask? Well here are the goods that I own/bought.


MacBook Air (2016) ¥120000

PS4/Nintendo Switch ¥50000


Elgato Gaming Capture HD60S ¥14000

headphone created by AIR, don’t remember the specific details ¥3000

3TB HDD made by Buffalo ¥12000

Sony Condenser Microphone ¥3000

Elgato Chat Link cable ¥2000

Final Cut Pro X ¥34000

As of now(October 20th, 2018), I have bought all of the above... and it still isn't enough!

What is it I'm missing? Well, I'm missing the most important factor when it comes to streaming, the Computer. Right now, I only have my MacBook Air to stream which you shouldn't do simply because why the hell would you stream on a notebook. I've also read online that it shortens the life cycle of the PC, which is understandable. But, a few years back, I built my own desktop computer so I'm thinking of upgrading to reach the specs needed for streaming.

Other than not having the most important component when it comes to streaming, lets talk about some of the troubles I faced while I was setting my streaming environments. First, I want to point out and say that I'm using the Elgato Gaming Capture HD60S and trying to stream/capture my PS4 gameplays. Here are the steps that I have done :

  1. Download the necessary applications for the Elgato HD60S at their official site.

  2. Plug in my PS4 input HDMI to the HD60S

  3. Plug in a HDMI to the output of the HD60S and plug the other end to your display/TV

  4. Plug in a Type-C end cable to the HD60S and the other end to your PC

At this point all you have to do is power up your PS4 and you're ready to go. But for most people, at least for me, I'd like to output all of my game audios through my headset. But, there are a few problems, problems that aren't limited to the Elgato Capture Softwares but to most gameplay capturing softwares. If you channel all of the audio to your headset, the HD60S(or any other capturing softwares for that matter) wouldn't be able to record it, thus leaving you with just a silence gameplay footage. To circumvent this matter, you need a cable to plug into your controller that has a two end split. Since Elgato is aware of this situation, they have the Chat Link available at their store. Basically you want to output the audio sources to your headset AND to your HD60S simultaneously. All right, back to the steps...

5. Plug in the Chat Link cable to your controller, and on the other end, plug your headset to one of the female port and the male port to the HD60S

6. Set the input settings in the audio settings of the Elgato to analog audio(for me you just had to tick the box)

7. Adjust the audio by simply going over to the audio settings or just turn the knob in the main window(I had to put it on fairly loud)

And lastly one last problem is recording your own voice. Simply the HDMI catches the audio from your TV which includes the gameplay audio as well as chats from other members. Every audio except your voice. Now to solve this, all you need is a microphone to plug in your PC.

8. Buy a microphone(preferably a condenser mic to lessen the white noise) and press the commentary button on the Elgato main window to start recording your own voice.

9. Go on Youtube Gaming or in my case sign up for Twitch and stream!

These were the steps to set up my environment and start streaming/recording my gameplay. I'll edit my posts if anything comes up. Hope it helps!