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Sony announcing the end of PS2 aftercare service

Sony has announced the end of PlayStation 2 aftercare service. After it being released over 18 years ago, the value of owning a PS2 is becoming greater(to some of you at least)! The console came out on March 4, 2000, locating in the 6th generation of game consoles. It became to be one of the famous consoles that families owned as it sold over 157 million units in the world. It had features like connecting to the internet, being able to play DVDs, controllers had vibration features, and a whole lot more. Overall it was mind-blowing at the time when it was released. From the looks to the features, it changed the image of Sony’s PlayStation.

PS2 was one of the first gaming consoles I’ve ever owned. PS1 came out before my time, and I never owned handhelds until I moved to America. As soon as a new console comes out, there aren’t a lot of games to play with because simply there not made yet(duh). But the great thing with PS2 was that it was backwards compatible, meaning any games you owned on PS1, you could also play them on the PS2. It was awesome since I knew my parents owned a PS1 but somehow it disappeared when I started playing video games, leaving the PS1 games to be impossible to play. Even now, when I look back at my childhood there were games that were really memorable on PS1 and PS2. Now when we’re trying to play back our childhood games, we need to make sure to be extra careful with the PS2, you wouldn’t want to break it. TRUST ME. And don't forget, you need a memory card to save your game lol.

PS2 memory card

PS2 Dualshock 2

There are 2 versions of the PS2, the former being the big and heavy, and the later version being upgraded in size and weight. I was amazed how light weight a console could be when I held that thing. It wasn’t necessary for the processing units to be superb like the ones today so I guess that helped with the size. I do actually have both versions of the PS2, but the first one is too rusted and wouldn’t work. As for the latter one, I can’t find the power cable for it.

What I liked about PS2 or Sony’s PlayStation series for that matter is the variety of games available for play. There were games that kids found more appealing while there were also ones meant for adults. One of my most memorable games were the Ape Escape series. I absolutely loved the first game and my friend gave me a spin-off for my birthday. Another game is the Kingdom Hearts series. I believe this game was the last game I played before moving to the U.S. So what probably 16 or 17 years ago. One of the neighbors gave us a music CD of Kingdom Hearts as a farewell gift and till this day I remember those moments.

After Sony stopped manufacturing the PS3 and now PS2’s aftercare service ending, we can really see that times are moving on. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward for the next generation of consoles.