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The Last of Us was an amazing experience in my gaming career

I want to talk about my experience with playing The Last of Us(TLoU). I had an amazing time playing it, so amazing that I needed to write a post about it! So here we go.

For my first playthrough, I played on Normal difficulty as always. The game featured a post-apocalyptic world where an outbreak happened and people were trying to survive from the Infected. But not only was the Infected the only problem, but the bandits and raiders were another. The game provides supplies and ammos for you to survive, but thinking before taking action saves you a lot of trouble compared to going in head-on. I loved the action and story all the way to the end. There were situations where it’s better to make a dash, where it’s better to be stealthy and take it slow, and where you’re just so confident that you spray your shotgun. But what I really liked about this game is the Grounded Mode. I played Uncharted’s Brutal Mode where it’s the hardest difficulty in the game but basically, enemies are harder to kill, you have less health, and other basic restrictions. But my strategy didn’t change from when I was playing on a lower difficulty. And since TLoU is made by the same developer, I was expecting kind of the same thing. But no, and instead it blew my mind! I’m playing on the same game and somehow my playing strategy became completely different. I’ll just briefly explain what Grounded Mode is on TLoU. Basically enemies are harder to kill, and you have less health, to be more specific one or two damage at most will kill you . Enemies and infected have increased senses and hearing. You barely pick up any supplies or ammos throughout the game. Not to mention the number of checkpoints are greatly reduced(about half). If that’s not all, you lose your HUD, so you can’t check your health(not that that’s a problem since you’ll die really quick) and ammo. But what really did it was taking away the ability to see enemy locations through walls. So basically Joel went from the super hero/survivor with a special ability to just an old man. And I think Naughty Dog a fantastic job IMO. Every other video games treat the main protagonist as the most powerful and lucky human being in the world. But, Joel being just an ordinary man just makes the game not just challenging but more realistic. And this made my experience with TLoU memorable. It was all about trial and error, changing my strategy every so often, and taking my time. I couldn’t waste a single bullet, so I looked for routes that avoided me from running into enemies. From the start to the end of the game, I was on the edge of my seat, forcing myself to study every enemies’ walking paths. And every segment you live through, it was just as rewarding. Overall, I was able to test my gaming skills in a long time. For people who got their hands on this game, if you have time, try playing this in Grounded Mode or Survival Mode for that matter. Honestly, the difficulty is pretty high, but beating the game will definitely be satisfying. People who are looking for a more realistic challenging game, then this is a game for you.

The Last of Us Concept Art

Other than the main story, there is a multiplayer and a DLC “No One Left Behind” which explains the side story of Ellie before she was bitten and also explains the winter segment. The multiplayer is a kind of its own. There are 3 game modes and overtime you complete matches your group becomes larger and larger. The more matches you lose means you couldn’t gather enough ration for your group which affects group members to get sick or die of hunger. There are two sides, the hunters or the Fireflies. Supposedly, if you survive 12 weeks and 7 days, you’ll unlock a trophy. The DLC is interesting because it fills you in on details of Ellie’s past, and also illustrates the happenings while Joel was passed out. In my opinion Naughty Dog could have made more DLCs to explain the past of other characters who appeared in the game.

There was an announcement in 2016 made by Naughty Dog that they are making a sequel of TLoU. And this years E3 shed some more light on TLoU Part 2. Official release dates aren’t confirmed as of September 10, 2018 but more information are being released as days past. I am really anticipated to play the sequel and hope that Naughty Dog will make it challenging as well as they did with the predecessor. I already know this game is a must-have and will look forward in playing it when it comes out.